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Tweaking is something that many audiophiles enjoy about their hobby. It's their way to get involved and to take active part in enhancing the sound. It offers an alternative and (usually) affordable way to improve one's audio system, and when done right, it can be as rewarding as it is educational. Hey! The best upgrade to your audio system, could be just a tweak away!

Here at Audio Tweaks we wish to explore various ways of improving audio and system sound. We have great in-depth reviews and DIY projects based on our experience and from the audio industry. You will also find great links to sites that promote tweaks, tips and other ways of making the most of your existing audio system. It turns out that there are really many ways to improve practically any audio system.

We hope you will find this site and the information it promotes useful. Tweaking is fun, you can be moderate; picking and choosing only a select few ways to boost the sound of your system or dive in completely and explore the many paths to audio nirvana.

Happy tweaking!
Audio Tweaks - improving audio system sound!

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