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AC Outlet Center

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Lets face it, our audio equipment is hooked on mains power, and I mean that both literarily and figuratively speaking. Often enough that same audio equipment needs more than the single AC outlet that happens to be in its proximity - somewhere midway on the wall. Power strips are a convenient solution to this problem; in fact I use more than one to hook up my computing equipment. However, the standard power strips (or power extension bars) though great for you computer, printer, and the like are awful for your audio. If you have invested in power cords running to your audio equipment, and if you need more AC outlets, you should also consider investing in a professional, audio grade, power outlet center or power bar. Manufactures like JPS Labs and PS Audio (to name a couple) have very good products to this end. Alternatively you may also consider building one yourself - it's easy and quite affordable. What follows is a simple but effective DIY AC outlet center.

AC power is dangerous and can be life threatening if misused. Take all safety precautions and if you are not 100% sure in what you are doing - don't do it!

Please consult our disclaimer page.

The Basics
What makes a good AC outlet center? Well, you will need two or more good quality AC outlets, a good quality AC plug, good quality cabling and a good wiring design. Now the term "good" is quite relative; what may be good for someone may not be for someone else. Our DIY AC outlet center is good but not perfect, in absolute terms if you will; leaving the standard power strip far behind but still allowing room for improvements.

We will use Hubbell AC outlets and a Hubbell AC plug. These are hospital grade and as such are fairly good. The cable that we will use to connect all this stuff is going to be inexpensive but of generous gauge. The AC outlet wiring will be heavy gauge in series configuration, though less favorable to star wiring it will do just fine this first time around. This overall setup will give us a good first attempt, but also room to improve in the future.
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