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Rob's Speaker Stands

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Project Information
Submitted by: Robert Wong
Other: If you build these stands by following Robert's instructions and/or by using his diagram please thank Robert with a $5 donation. To arrange this please contact him directly.
Diagram: Click to view full size diagram...

The Basics
I set out to build a speaker stand that I could make using average mechanical skills that would be 1 - functional, 2 - very pleasing to look at and 3 - affordable (about $100 to construct), but looks more expensive than it really is.

These stands were made for B&W 601 s3's so the dimensions are for about 22.5" high stands as that is where the tweeters are at about my ear level when I am sitting on my couch. I am a short person only 5'-5" tall. To get the right height for yourself you can measure the distance from your ears in your sitting position to the floor. When you get that measurement (mine was about 33"), you subtract the measurement from your tweeter to the bottom of the speaker and you end up with the total height that your stands should be (including spikes). So, if your ear height was about 38" from the floor and your tweeters are about 12" from the bottom of the speaker then your stands would have to be around 26" high total, give or take an inch or so. This would make your 4 tubes around 23" long. I made mine so that the tweeter was a little higher than my ears.
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