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Scott's Wooden Volume and Selector Knobs

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Project Information
Submitted by: Scott Simms

The Problem
I was having a problem with static electricity in my house; every time I went to turn up the volume, I would shock the preamp. I thought that wooden knobs would be a good solution, plus I could make a fun d.i.y. project out of it.

Tools and Materials
It's best to have a drill press, but you can use a hand held drill if you're confident in your ability to drill straight. You'll also need a center finding tool, drill bits, sand paper and appropriately sized wooden dowels. I tried to make the knobs closely match the originals. I bought the appropriate sized birch dowels from a local wood working shop and got started.

I put some masking tape around the dowel so it wouldn’t splinter when I cut it, then measured and marked the appropriate length. I used a radial-arm saw to cut the pieces.
Next, I used a center finding tool to mark the center with an "x" for drilling.
You want to use a bit that's a little bit smaller than the pot, followed by some light sanding for a snug fit, unless you plan on using a set screw. I measured how deep I wanted the hole to be, and then used masking tape on the drill bit to limit drilling depth.
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