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Black Diamond Racing Pyramid Cones

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I remember reading about these for the first time and saying to myself: "I got to get these". That was quite a while ago, for some reason or another I postponed the actual acquisition only until about a year ago. Since then I had mixed results with these; at times they were just the right medicine, yet on other occasions they were less rewarding. I guess the cones never really changed themselves, it was rather the different setups I tried them with that produced these variations.
If you haven't read our Perspective segment, you may want to do so now as a prelude to this and all other tweaks we review.

Build and Versions
The BDR Pyramid Cones are tough, mighty tough. Made out of carbon fiber they have a crush point of 10,000 pounds! No need to worry about matching these babies up with the right weight of the equipments as with the Vibrapods. Each cone has a threaded hole in the middle for easy screw mounting. The edge of the threaded hole is ever so slightly inset so that the contact is maintained in full by the carbon fiber surface and not the metal treading. The version number is edged in the base of each cone for quick version identification. They cost about $60 for a set of three, either version.
The BDR cones come in two versions: Mk3 and Mk4. Black Diamond Racing states that: "In all cases, the Mk3 are warmer in nature, while the Mk4 version is more detailed in character". Furthermore they suggest that the Mk3 version should be, in general, used with solid-state equipment, where as the Mk4 with tube equivalents. They are careful to point out that this is just a rule of thumb and that personal tastes, as well as component to cone synergies will play a decisive role.

The BDR cones are well made and well designed. Appearance wise they look the part; much better than the Vibrapods which by comparison appear almost jellyfish like.
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